TINGAS Tinsley is looking to turn the former Tinsley Infants School on Siemens Close into a mix of workspaces and community facilities.

We are aiming to create a model for a sustainableĀ  facility that can be taken on and run by Tinsley Forum with input from local people and organisations, and have started talking to a range of people both in Tinsley and the city as whole to inform what might happen here.

We are hoping to hear from a wide selection of people from residents, businesses, faith groups and other organisations to genuinely inform how the spaces are used over the coming months, and to connect and strengthen existing networks and groups in the area.

For a quick visual guide to how the space might work have a look at thisĀ diagram.

Why Tingas? Tinsley derives from the Old-English name Tingas-Leah, meaning Field of Council, with Tingas meaning ‘assembly’.

Who is behind this? The project is a collaboration between Sheffield City Council, Tinsley Forum and Sheffield-based social enterprise Studio Polpo.



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